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Prefer to get your crime news in tiny, six-second sound bites? Or, like to capture video snippets of yourself breaking the law? Well, either way, Vine is definitely for you, then.


Even though it’s incredibly stupid to film yourself committing a crime, people do it anyway. Like the woman you’ve probably already seen running onto the field at the college world series. She paid $1500 for the privilege, and for her 15 minutes of fame.

But, hey, in the modern media age, 15 minutes is practically an eternity. Right?

Actually, hers was probably one of the more interesting crime Vines out there that I could find, despite its inherent vanity and inaneness. At least it tells a story, as opposed to most Vines that rapidly descend into chaotic, seizure-inducing jump cuts.

Predictably, Vines have also captured more serious offenses, such as an alleged rape in Chicago that’s still under investigation. Whoever filmed it should absolutely have intervened instead, of course, but at least there’s some evidence for the police to use in their investigation.

What follows, though, are some of the Vines I was able to find that had to do with crime, public safety, or something related. Some are NSFW due to language, but otherwise are pretty tame.



Let’s face it, dogs just rock – all dogs. Here’s a short vid, though, of some of the most amazing canines around. They’re fearless, tough, smart, and ready for action.  Kudos to them and their handlers!

Have a great weekend!


This week’s crime videos focus on helping investigators around the country identify suspects in several different types of offenses, including a store robbery in Louisiana, an armed robbery in Washington state, and a shooting in Pennsylvania.

If you have any information, please contact your local police or the numbers listed for the specific video.

Have a safe weekend!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the below video footage of officers responding to a man-with-a-gun call at a University of Central Florida dormitory was released this week.  It shows officers quickly and carefully responding to the call and searching for the reported gunman, who turned out to have committed suicide in his dorm room prior to officers arriving.

In addition to the firearms seen in the video, police later recovered explosive materials in bags near the man’s body. Thankfully, those didn’t detonate, and the alleged gunman wasn’t able to carry out his reported plan to corral and kill a number of people on the campus by pulling the fire alarm.

This incident was another reminder, though, of the unpredictability of human behavior, especially when it comes to violence.

Have a safe weekend!

Friday Crime Vids

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Humor, Policing
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There’s nothing funny about drunk driving itself, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the behavior that results once the police get involved. This week’s Friday vids feature an assortment of drunken gaffs, including a creative alphabet jumble and two unexpected face-plants.


If you drink this weekend, please don’t drive.  Abstain or arrange for a sober driver instead. Otherwise, you may wind up on the wrong end of a DWI, and as the recipient of your own 15 seconds of unwanted fame on Youtube.