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I’m a little late on this one, but Happy Friday to everyone. It was a busy, chaotic week – and I fell behind on most things, including this post.  The videos for this week include raw footage of police and bystanders rescuing a man from a burning car, some youngsters terrorizing a neighborhood with guns, and a moving art installation that baffles the Toronto police.


This one warms your heart (no pun intended).


Toronto Police Officer: “The safety factor is, uh – unsafe.”

Have a great weekend!


Prego or Ragu? Whatever it was, the spaghetti sauce was definitely not a bomb.

A woman entered a bank in Clinton Township, Mich. and put a package on the counter, telling the bank clerk that it contained a bomb and demanding money, reported the Detroit Free Press Sunday.  The clerk complied, and the thief — a woman witnesses said was approximately 60 years old — left with her loot. That’s when the bank employees and customers fled the building and called the bomb squad.

(MORENow People Are Stealing Human Hair? )

“It did look like there was a hard object in there,” Clinton Township Lt. Eric Reincke said. “But it was folded over so you couldn’t see what was inside.” The Michigan State Police bomb squad arrived and scanned the package — revealing that there wasn’t a explosive device in it at all, but instead several…

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