When Conspiracy Theorists Go Too Far

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Crime News, Violence
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Conspiracy theories are nothing new, of course, and they can even be entertaining at times (I especially liked 7 and 8). Too often, though, conspiracy theorists take their silly ideas a step too far.

Sandy Hook “Truthers,” in particular, spread an extraordinarily vile brand of lie that hurts people already harmed by tragedy. They insist that Sandy Hook was some type of government plot to take away citizen’s gun rights, which is just foolish nonsense. I’ve even been confronted by some of these misguided souls on Twitter who have insisted to me that Sandy Hook never happened at all and that I was participating in a conspiracy to spread government lies.

Yeah, that’s right. Government lies.

Grace McDonnell was killed at Sandy Hook

Grace McDonnell was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012

Children died at Sandy Hook, and the government had nothing at all to do with it. In fact, all of the ridiculous claims by Sandy Hook Truthers have been easily debunked. For whatever reason, though, the Truthers have persisted in their efforts and are hurting people in the process, including one mother of Sandy Hook victim, Grace McDonnell.

According to a Huffington Post article, one Truther recently stole a memorial sign at a playground named in honor of Grace and then contacted the child’s mother to tell her that her dead daughter never existed in the first place. 

Peace Sign Stolen From Conn. Playground Honoring Sandy Hook Victim

I hate to give any type of audience or attention to these obviously disturbed people, or even acknowledge their existence at all, but they’re taking away energy and focus from the real issues that we need to address. We need to be developing ways to avoid these types of tragedies by effectively intervening with people experiencing serious mental health crises, not getting bogged down in nonsense about Sandy Hook being a hoax.

Not only was Sandy Hook not a hoax, I would argue that it’s nearly impossible for the government to pull off any type of large-scale hoax without everyone quickly finding out about it. They’re just not that good, and any people involved would have an incredibly hard time keeping something like that secret.

So, enough already. Let these parents grieve and, if you buy into these nutty theories, find yourself some help.

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  1. Lewis Graham says:

    The only thing that raises an eyebrow with the sandy hook shooting is all the gun control propaganda that came with it.

    On top of all the lies and manipulation the government and media has done in the past. Always has me questioning the story and the motives.

    That’s what got people not believing the story in the first place.

    But i do agree with you it was wrong to harass the parents regardless the situation. There should be respect given until given a reason respect not deserved.


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