You’re being watched and recorded. Not necessarily by Big Brother or a store security camera either, but by your fellow citizens, armed with cell phones and an insatiable desire to capture something interesting on film.

The ubiquity of cell phones in modern society has put the power to record anything and everything into the hands of the masses. Assaults, shootings, police misconduct, and just about any other crime under the sun has likely been captured by the ever-present digital eye of the general public.

Some police departments have begun to harness the power of this social surveillance through programs, such as Eyewatch in Australia, that encourage citizens to upload crime videos to one of their 80 regional Facebook pages.

And it’s paying off. One suspect who saw his face on the Eyewatch page turned himself into police, rather than wait to be captured.

So, this week’s videos feature a roundup of cell phone vigilantes capturing all kinds of bad behavior on their cameras.

Click, kick back, and enjoy!

This first video is a news story on the phenomenon of cell phones as a crime-fighting tool. It features highlights from a number of cases, including a road rage incident involving a motorcyclist who thought it was a good idea to stop traffic and start punching people in the head.

Crime caught on phone cameras

This is a sad one that appears to show an emotionally disturbed woman being manhandled by a couple of LA County deputies, one of whom takes it upon himself to punch the distraught woman in the face.

“Special needs” homeless woman punched by sheriff’s deputy

Oh, Chuck, how far you’ve fallen. I remember taking my kids to places like this, but no more. There’s not just a little cray-cray going on here, and it’s all caught on a bystander’s cell phone.

Assault and robbery at Chuck E. Cheese

This woman takes the neighborhood watch concept to an entirely new, and extremely violent, level.

Woman shoots neighbor in broad daylight

This is a compilation of videos taken of the Fruitvale Station shooting. Very tragic for all involved.

Fruitvale Station shooting in LA

This woman’s video helped to exonerate a guy accused by police of trying to take an officer’s gun during a disturbance. The police say the video doesn’t capture the entire incident, but it does appear to show the guy calming walking away, which would be unlikely had he actually tried to take someone’s gun.

Cell phone video exonerates suspect

You may or may not deserve a break today, but this isn’t it. A customer at McDonald’s captured this cell phone video of two teens assaulting a person who reportedly identifies as transgender. The girls were later charged and convicted of committing a hate crime.

Assault in McDonald’s

Drinking and policing do not mix. This off-duty cop apparently tried to arrest a woman who spurned his advances, which I’m fairly convinced is not an arrestable offense.

Off-duty deputy attempts to arrest woman at a bar

Yikes, this is awful. Two girls not only assaulted a third teen, but they also helped another thug commit a sexual assault against her. All caught on tape.

Two teens assault girl

I’m not sure this one is actually a cell phone video (I think it’s actually a body camera), but it captures a memorable day for one security officer who ended up tasing an angry customer who just refused to leave. Pro tip – just leave next time.

Woman tasered by security guard

And, as a reward for making it this far in the post, a criminally cute kitten caught on tape being…well, being cute.

Kitten crime lord

Have a safe weekend!

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