Helmet Cams and Crime

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Policing, Technology & Crime, Violence
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As more and more people have started carrying video-capable smartphones, and equipping their vehicles with dash cams, a rich world of strange, compelling, and dramatic video footage has become increasingly available.

Dash cams in cars around the world routinely capture wild car wrecks, deadly plane crashes, and even exploding meteors, all of which is proudly uploaded, compiled, and shared for our couch surfing enjoyment.

Motorcyclists are also equipping their helmets with small video cameras, which sometimes capture their own and other’s criminal behavior on film. Some of that footage is playing a central role in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

In recent months, helmet cam video was taken of an alleged crime in New York involving a group of bikers who reportedly attacked a driver, assaulting him and leaving him lying injured on the roadway. Eleven individuals were charged in that case, including an undercover New York police officer, based in part on the availability of that video.

This week’s videos feature some helmet cam videos of other interesting incidents, including:

  • a running battle between some bikers and a driver (make sure to watch that one all the way to the end);
  • a police chase by a motorcyle cop (how does he get off that bike so quickly?);
  • a motorcyle-jacking in  Brazil at gunpoint, which resulted in the perpetrator getting shot by the police seconds later (graphic gun violence).

I hope you have insurance

GoPro Rocks!

Is it just me, or does that muzzle opening look huge?

Have a safe weekend!

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  1. Bob Cameron says:

    Yeah, it does seem pretty casual. I’m not sure about Brazil’s crime rate, but I’m guessing it’s not low. That may be part of the reason an officer-involved shooting generates so little excitement. It’s one of those everyday things.


  2. Brittius says:

    It’s a .44 Magnum; I saw it when it first went online.
    I had to admire the way, after the shoot, everyone is milling around talking on cell phones. Guess things really changed in the 21st Century, or they have a real lay-back way of doing things?


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