Friday Crime Vids – Cops Getting it Right

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Law, Policing
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We pay a lot of attention when cops get things wrong. Police misconduct is heavily reported in the traditional media, and social media only serves to amplify the negative messages that shape our perceptions of policing in modern America.

And, with the advent of easily accessible portable video, everyone can now get in on the act of catching cops at their very worst.

Even just a cursory search of Youtube turns up thousands of videos of police misbehaving, violating the law, being aggressive, physically violent, or just generally acting like jerks.

Which is unfortunate.

Most cops I personally know are not jerks – far from it, in fact.  Many of them are quiet, everyday heroes doing their best at a really tough job.

So, this week, we’re going to look at a few cops who are caught on film getting it right. They know the law, understand their role, act with restraint and compassion, and just do an awesome job of policing.

So, click, kick back, and enjoy!

The now internet-famous Deputy Lenic defends First Amendment rights

Some New Hampshire troopers defend an individual’s right to film a public meeting

Officer J. Estes from the Albany, Oregon, PD gets it right during an open carry encounter

What positive experiences have you had with the police? Share yours by leaving a comment below!

Have a safe weekend!

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