A child, a shooting, and a community response: It’s time to get it right

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Crime News, Policing, Uncategorized

The Socially Responsible Practitioner

Elena Quintana, Psy.D., is Executive Director of the Adler School Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice. A clinical/community psychologist, she works with policy, programs, and issues related to violence prevention, and socially just approaches to public safety.

On a Monday in March, not long after noon, a father and his baby girl were inside a car in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Shots rang out, leaving the 6-month old baby girl, Jonylah, mortally wounded.  Her father, Jonathan, the target of the shooting, was struck by multiple bullets and fought to survive. The crime devastated many, particularly in Woodlawn, who could not erase from their minds the image of smiling, perfect baby Jonylah. Her death intensified rage over the death in the streets that some had begun to overlook.

The next Saturday, I had the good fortune to be invited by members of the Woodlawn Public Safety Alliance…

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