The Unsung Heroes of Education

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Students, teachers, and administrators working together at Harper High School to create a safe learning environment for all.

This weekend, I listened to the first part of a fascinating two-part podcast by This American Life out of WBEZ in Chicago. The episode was about students, teachers, and administrators in Chicago who are struggling against a tide of gang violence that has shifted in unexpected ways in recent years. It’s a story we don’t often hear reported with this type of depth, and it reveals the amazing work that some of the unsung heroes in our school system are doing and how they’re trying to create a safe place to learn for all, often against terrible odds.

If you have an hour to spare this week, I highly recommend giving it a listen. Whether you’re involved in the educational system or the criminal justice system, there’s something valuable there for everyone.

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